Rebate Agreement Wording

Once you have defined what you need to buy to get a discount, you must enter the amount or amount you need to buy. The amount or each amount is called the threshold. You must also enter the amount of the rebate or the percentage of the purchase amount you must receive based on each threshold. In order for the system to track discounts, you need to provide information about the agreements you have with your suppliers. This information includes: The configuration of the types of commands, whose system applies purchases to discounts for the custom code table 43/RB. The system stores information about discount agreements in the purchase discount base table (F4340). You specify a type of threshold to indicate whether a discount agreement is based on a quantity you buy or an amount you buy. You specify a type of discount to indicate whether you should receive a certain amount of discount or a percentage of the purchase amount. Repeat steps 12 to 15 to add a line for each range of values to be included in the discount calculation. Percentage – The amount of the discount in the value field is a percentage. You can enter a category code value to indicate a group of items from which you can make purchases.

The system applies purchases to the discount agreement when you purchase an item assigned to the category code value. Amount per unit – The amount of the discount in the Value field is applied per unit purchased. They determine the business unit subject to a discount agreement based on the main account number indicated by the G/L lag. The system records information about items, account numbers and purchase code values applicable to a discount agreement in the Purchase Discount Access Rules table (F4342). You can enter several thresholds for a discount agreement. You can get z.B a discount for the purchase of 100 widgets and another discount for the purchase of 500 widgets. If you enter multiple thresholds, you must enter thresholds or amounts in ascending order. The person responsible for managing this discount agreement. The amount of the rebate or the percentage of purchases that determines the amount of the rebate, see Chapter 45, “Update discount information,” more information about creating a discount coverage account.

The person to whom the system transmits messages when a discount is due The amount or amount you need to buy for the basic information discount on any agreement, for example. B the supplier that provides the discount, the validity dates of the discount, etc. Select in the “Sales after cumulation” box and select the option to accumulate debit sales for the calculation of discounts. Options include invoice, week, month, year and debit period. Enter the purchase category (P1-P5) with which you enter the category code values for discounts. You indicate this value in the system constants (P4009W) that you accessed by pressing F10 branch/installation constants (P41204). To add specific comments or instructions for this discount agreement, enter your comments in the Note tab. In the DebitorenCode and Debtor Selection fields, list the group of debtors or debtors qualified for this discount agreement. You can also select the debit code all if the agreement applies to all debtors. You must enter the total amount of the rebate or percentage you must receive for each threshold, regardless of the other thresholds for which you may have already received a discount.