Sample Wedding Decor Rental Agreement

After receiving a delivery, you or your authorized agent will have to check it personally. You agree to agree with a BWR employee who will confirm your receipt of the delivery and the assumption of responsibility for the equipment. If you receive devices in a damaged or otherwise unusable condition, you agree to be notified in writing or by phone from BWR before you start your event. You also waive your right to claim refunds or other credits for these rents if you do not inform BWR of the problems in writing prior to the event. You acknowledge that BWR does not accept order changes or equipment exchange requests after our delivery agents have evacuated the location of withdrawal. 6. DAMAGE WAIVER PLAN. The waiver of damages is possible for this rental transaction for an additional fee. If the customer agrees to the abandonment of the damages, Something Vintage Rentals, LLC waives its right to recover from the customer any amount in excess of the amount paid to the customer 2 in connection with the customer`s insurance coverage for the retail costs necessary to repair or exchange damaged or destroyed rental items while they are held by the customer. , provided the customer immediately informs something Vintage Rentals, LLC of an accident. loss or damage.

Abandoning the damage is optional. The waiver of damages may be accepted, but it is not obliged to do so. The waiver of damages is neither insurance nor a guarantee. The waiver of the damage must be accepted before the assumption of the rented property and is not refundable. The waiver of damages is secondary to the client`s own insurance. Some owners and Business Insurance may cover damage to leased property. Check with the agent or broker to find out if such coverage exists. If the injury waiver is accepted, the client agrees to exercise all available rights as part of the client`s insurance coverage and to reject all rights and proceeds of insurance coverage to Something Vintage Rentals, LLC. The abandonment of damages waives the client`s liability for rented property that is returned damaged. If damaged items are not returned, evidence of damaged objects must be provided, and other evidence such as Something Vintage Rentals, LLC may reasonably require.

Non-compliance is not covered and damage caused by negligence or abuse is not covered. (For example, rented items that are left in the rain without being covered and unprotected) The absence of damage is not due to liability for losses caused by negligence, abuse, vandalism, theft, disappearances or mysterious or unexplained defects. The client agrees to submit, upon request, a written and signed police report from the client regarding this event.