Vistex Agreement Tcode

The chargeback process would help merchants sell their products for a lower value and recover the difference between its acquisition cost and the customer`s selling price. This would result in an agreement with the manufacturer to determine the price and billing parameters for the products. Hello I would like to know more about vistex technical developments. Improved responsibility return and purchase. Please help me If there is no agreement between the parties, then the issue of retraction does not arise at all and therefore there is no chargeback document. The “Slide 7” relapse process takes place only with one manufacturer if there is a valid agreement between the parties regarding at least one item in the source document. The lifecycle of the loadback does not depend on the source document once the loadback agreement has been established. Chargeback is a claimed amount that a manufacturer pays by mutual agreement to a distributor for the goods/services it has sold. Creating loads on the basis of partner rolls with formal agreements The loadback document sent to a particular manufacturer would include only items for sale, as well as an agreement between the manufacturer and the distributor. Slide 6.

Hello There, What are the tables save the protocol for amending the agreement to Vistex. I am trying to draw data for 01/01/2017 all the changes made to the existing agreements. Proof of return is not established for Kreditor 2 and Kreditor 3, as no agreement is reached for these billing positions. /IRM/GVOFM is intended for Vistex modules to maintain requirements and formulas. Tcode for individual load production: /MRI/IPCBM. High Level Overview from Contract to Chargeback BusinessProcess for a Pharma wholesale business process. Generate loadback if a contract is retroactively loaded – create an OSS message if a standard vistex issue needs to be fixed and the vistex team is assigned to that OSS message. Each name space beginning with /MRI/ is Vistex standard; we should not make any changes to them, even if they are open in editable mode. .

1. Customer discount 2. Chargeback 3. Contract 4. CLM Track requested and paid withdrawals separately/MRI/IPSPRO is visible for Vistex modules such as SPRO in standard load refusals, status and paid amounts visible on the flow of the loading document, including retractions, SD documents and contracts. We can improve the BADI by creating a new Z implementation (as we do in ECC). Loadback functions: CB creation, document flow and agreement/MRI/GVPFM is for Vistex modules, in order to maintain requirements and formulas, you have written an incorrect transaction you need to write/IRM/GVOFM You need to check in your application. Please expect an answer. E. Standard message types for Vistex IDOC/IRM/CHGBACKS -> Chargeback/MRI/PC_AGRMNTS -> contract I need to set up flexible groups, help me if anyone has a document related to flexible groups Please share. Stream of documents for the Chargeback Paire accounting document from our readers suggested that we will post something that is a simple reference for Vistex Technical, who are beginners.

Hopefully, this contribution will help all Vistex Technical who are launching their first project at Vistex. CB Search and Process IP-Chargeback`s-Claim Process – We should create an implicit extension to improve the standard Vistex program. . Thank you Jithin. The page was written by Soumi and not by Soumya. 🙂 .. She`s an expert at Vistex Technical. Contract/MRI/PCSHDR, MRI/PCSPRD, MRI/PCHDR, MRI/PCPRD, MRI/PCSBLK, /PCBLK Dear Raghav – Have you found the answer? Can you share for the good of all, please? The IP module provides distributors with the tools they need to manage, track and coordinate claims filed with manufacturers. Effective load claims management has the following advantages: The information derived from these source documents is: For CLM: /MRI/IPPRM: Workbench/MRI/IPPRASP: Agreement Workbench/IRM/IPPRCIP: Individual Tracking/IRM/IPPRCCP: Collective Tracking General Sales Information (Sales Org., Distr.