Wilderness Shores Settlement Agreement

The Utilities Commission has approved a regulation on rates for utilities We Energies and Wisconsin Public Service. According to WEC Energy Group, the parent company of the two suppliers, the two suppliers requested a rate increase for the first time in four years. We wanted to increase electricity prices by 5.9 percent by 2021, while Wisconsin Public Service called for a 4.9 percent increase in electricity prices. Conway said suppliers expected electricity prices to rise 1.3 percent for We Energies and 4.7 percent for Wisconsin Public Service. The company wanted to partially recover some $650 million in investments at its Pleasant Prairie plant, which was closed last year. “We are against… To close these high rates that keep coal-fired power plants in operation beyond their useful life,” she said. It continues, not only its effects on the health of people living near coal-fired power plants, but also the considerable costs to taxpayers that could be avoided. Wilderness Shores are easy to reach… For an afternoon, a week or a weekend.

at all times . . . Wilderness Shores is not far away. All recreational areas are semi-wild and within 65 miles of Iron Mountain, Michigan. They can be achieved with a minimum of travel time. Just a three-hour drive from Appleton; Five hours from Milwaukee and Madison; seven hours from Chicago and Minneapolis; And 11 from Detroit. This huge outdoor playground is open to all.

Wisconsin Electric only asks that you follow the few simple rules established in recreational areas. Your goal is to make your stay at Wilderness Shores more enjoyable and to ensure that all visitors with pleasant memories of a natural world are left in peace by people`s intrusion. PREPARING FOR THE ADVENTURE… In order to preserve the semi-wild character of wild shore areas, development is kept to a minimum. Illegal use of all-terrain vehicles is prohibited. To enjoy a unique and primitive camping experience, bring all your camping needs – including your drinking water. Vault toilets are provided in most areas. Basic food and supplies can be purchased in nearby towns and villages. It was agreed with the Citizens Utility Board to limit rate increases for customers. The board`s chief executive, Tom Content, said the comparison saves taxpayers more than $100 million.

3 Camping with Picnic Table and Fire Ring Bring Your Drinking Water Wilderness Shores Recreation Areas were developed by the Wisconsin Electric Power Company, nearly 13 hydroelectric power plants in northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. They are part of a hydroelectric power plant that helps feed the region`s households, businesses and industries while preserving the natural resources of the north. “Of course it keeps costs low,” Conway said. “It also allows us to continue on what we consider to be a really important thing to move towards a cleaner, safer, reliable and affordable energy future.” The federal government, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), is responsible for most of Wisconsin`s hydroelectric power plants.