Grant Award Agreement

Post-docctorial scholarships are considered by BrightFocus to be personal and not delegated. Therefore, if the principal investigator receives a postdoctoral fellowship and can no longer order the performance of the specific objectives of the supported project because the principal investigator has left the grantee institution to make further efforts, the grant will not be transferred to another grantee Institution auditor and the grant will be closed in accordance with Section [2] of the funding stoppage. In the event of termination for the above reasons, the Principal Investigator and grante Institution are required to reimburse BrightFocus for all reasonable costs incurred by BrightFocus for the return of Grant premiums, including, but not only, reasonable legal fees, unless prohibited by applicable legislation. If BrightFocus finds that it has not made sufficient progress under the supported project, a reasonable amount of time is given to the lead investigator to address the progress made. The duration of this period is determined in good faith on the basis of the circumstances of the project and the lead investigator and is not explicitly defined in this contract. If BrightFocus finds that the project cannot be completed satisfactorily for the duration of the premium, BrightFocus may, at its sole discretion, terminate the section premium [2]. Supported project: work approved by BrightFocus and carried out by Grantee to support the specific objectives of the research, which were formally proposed by the lead investigator as part of BrightFocus` application process. Progress reports are submitted online through the fellow`s application portal to ProposalCentral ( BrightFocus allocates funds with the express understanding that BrightFocus is the exclusive financial support for the sustained project for which grant funds have been requested.