Lrs User Agreement

ELRA explains that, in all cases, the user should not copy or broadcast LRs, even if backup copies can be made. Any use of LRs by a subsidiary, subsidiary or other organization outside the user`s place of activity must be negotiated. In particular, the use of LRs or parts of LRs in user-charged documentation, applications or services may be subject to a separate agreement. The contract may also stipulate that the user must obtain prior authorization for the sale or transmission of products or derivative works on the basis of LRs. If Trustopia is the “training organization” that dfE says it violated its agreement, the question of whether the company`s access to the LRS database was legitimate depends on the purposes for which it claims to want to access LRS datasets. Salvatorische. If, for any reason, some of these conditions or an agreement contained in it are found to be invalid or unenforceable, the other parties remain fully in force. intellectual property. With the exception of the license, no part of the intellectual property of the goods delivered is granted, transferred or transferred to the buyer`s buyer`s buyer or customers or to authorized users. Neither the buyer, nor the buyer`s customers, nor the authorized users can copy or modify some of the components of the delivery and must not authorize it or help others. Nevertheless, the buyer can use the delivery components as they are intended to be used, as expressed in written materials published from time to time by LRS.

In order to minimize differences in agreements and keep things simple, these contracts are based on the following model: Registration form and agreement LRB organization added and modification of the super-user form replaced by an updated version This model takes into account the interest of both parties (producers and users), in accordance with ELRA`s role as a neutral company , dedicated to promoting voice technology in Europe. Data collection. With respect to delivery items, data provided by the buyer and his customers can be collected in relation to surveys, consultations and usages of the means of distribution, including email addresses, telephone numbers, user sites (which can use geolocation technology), usage times, pagization times, pagization response periods , devices used, configuration preferences, cookies and social media information. In order to grant LRS customers, among other things, a free, unlimited and irrevocable license for the use and dissemination of this data and results obtained by the use of the components of the delivery by the buyer for all purposes, in order to provide LRS customers with extensive comparative calibration services in relation to the customer sectors, the buyer grants a license at no cost. , unlimited and irrevocable for the use and dissemination of this data and results. which are obtained by the purchaser`s use of the delivery items; provided that LRS does not identify or pass on a buyer to third parties without the buyer`s prior express consent, or that it is “protected health information” (as defined by HIPAA) or billing or financial payment data from a customer or consumer of the buyer. The buyer guarantees that the buyer has the right to disclose, to transfer or make available other personal information provided to LRS by the buyer or by the buyer`s customers in connection with the software or other delivery elements, protected health information (as defined in 45 C.F.R. No. 160.103) or other personal information provided by the buyer or by the buyer`s customers.

Without limitation of the above, the buyer receives all authorizations, consents or other authorizations from the buyer`s (or authorized personal representative of the client) for the transmission to LRS of personal data of clients required by international, federal, national or local law, including, but not limited to, the administrative simplification section of the Health Insurance Portabilit