Perjanjian Kerahasiaan Non Disclosure Agreement

There are two types of NOAs: the reciprocal confidentiality agreement and the confidentiality agreement. “Information that is not known to the public in the field of technology and/or business has economic value because it is useful for commercial activities, and the owner of that information is confidential is a trade secret.” In this way, the person who signs the confidentiality agreement can really know what they are talking about and what they need to keep secret from anyone. On the basis of civil law, violations of the NDA agreements can be prosecuted and punished in civil proceedings, as stipulated in the agreement of the NDA itself. What is not bound by the current law or employment contract? The victim can still take legal action if he feels aggrieved. If confidentiality is disseminated on the internet, then the legal basis that can be used is the ITE law. If you look at some of the examples above, each profession`s confidentiality agreements are tied to the laws that have been regulated, some of which are not pre-regulated. For those defined in the cooperation agreement, the legal basis is more or less referred to Article 1338 of the Civil Code (KUHPer): as a personal assistant, this profession certainly knows a lot of confidential information about its superiors. Both with business/business, as well as his personal life. In some cases, the boss insisted on this confidentiality agreement on the employment contract of his personal assistant. In the event of a breach of the agreement, the aggrieved party may put the case on the legal path. The other use of the NDA is for legal agreements between one company and another. Website developers, when we are mandated by other web development agencies or other digital agencies to work on a website or application, it is not uncommon for us to be required to respect the confidentiality of this work.

The examples above show that the NDA is only a single agreement. This means that we do not publish or claim the results of the work as a portfolio.