Interior Design and Decorating Services

Excellence in Interior Design projects begins with careful analysis, assessment and concept formation based on clients’ needs, wants and wishes, all balanced with the practical concerns of staying within an established budget and time frame.

Our interior designers will come to your premises to help you to evaluate your needs, determine your project goals, as well as suggest various design solutions to you. This first visit is complimentary and helps us to establish a working relationship with you, as well as determine the scope of your project.

Next we create a report to discuss with you concerning your project, and are then ready to begin the traditional phases of a design project. Cost estimates are discussed at this time.

Our interior design team is dedicated to superior personalized service, discretion and the professional delivery of high quality interiors, with a focus on excellent value for the investment dollar. With over thirty five years of combined design experience, the designers have worked on a comprehensive array of projects in various styles, ranging from residential (small to large scale) to many various types of commercial projects. Our goal is your complete satisfaction regardless of the scale and complexity of the project.

We are pleased to be affiliated with a seasoned local architect who is available for consultation on projects for structural issues, and life and safety codes as required by the State of Florida. This allows us to provide you with services on larger and more complex projects than many design companies can offer you.

Put our experience on your side! Design specialists can help you to achieve the results you are dreaming of, while saving you time and money. With access to a huge range of goods, including “to the design trade only” merchandise, we can create interiors that reflect your taste and style, and project the quality image that you require.

Benefits of Employing a Interior Designer
Starting with the nature of the space itself, its function, architecture, site,or location, (be it residential or commercial), a designer strives to enhance the positive aspects or qualities of a space while minimizing the impact of any limitations that might affect the project.

A good design is flexible, provides for growth, change, and is fully accessible to all people. It conveys a character and a spirit, is often uplifting, inspiring, and conveys the values or style of its occupants.

Practical considerations, like ease of access, amount of light, acoustics, seating, storage, health and safety considerations, attention to special needs, and aesthetic appeal are all factors that will determine the direction the designer will follow. Other considerations might be historical factors or cultural influences that might impact a projects’ direction.

Let us lower your stress levels and improve your lifestyle! For renovations, additions, interior design consultation or new construction, please feel free to call on us. No job is too large or too small! Our friendly staff will consider a privilege to assist you in achieving your goals.







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